Sunday, August 1, 2010


It was HOT, I mean really, really, really HOT in OKC today. I mean hot as in 104* sooooo we went to Bricktown to the movie theater. Since we were a bit early we took in the new Chesapeake Boathouse. Talk about a pretty cool thing to see and oh my the plans they have for that place are just incredible, I mean super duper incredible. I am planning to be back in OKC this fall and I hope it coincides with the Regatta they have planned!

This is SEATTLE she is one of the rowers for OCU, she was just hanging out at the boathouse and gave us a personal tour!

SALT the movie

It was a good movie and MiB would have totally loved it. If you like action/adventure you will like it, if you enjoy spy stuff along with action/adventure you will really love I enjoyed it w/o a doubt! I think the rest of the movie goers enjoyed it as well!

After grilling out steaks for dinner we are just chillaxin for the evening since we are heading back to MO tomorrow a.m.

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Susie said...

104 is HOT! Good choice going to the pool:-)