Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday, Monday oh my it's Monday!

Whoa, what a weekend! It was jammed packed and I was truly happy for bed last evening and for my extra hour but it's Monday morning now and we are prepped to start all over again though the calendar is thankfully not so full this week!

I am getting a few house things accomplished and then getting out the door to catch up on those mundane errands that have been put by the wayside in the wake of a very busy last few weeks and weekends. I am also doing launder, tidying up on the home front (dust IS evil), de-cluttering still and getting my "winter clothes" out. That kinda makes me chuckle but it seems it might be time to pull out some long sleeve shirts and put the shorts away. I could be wrong cause the weather has been so awesome but I do think shorts with the exception of one pair are going away until spring.

Sooooo hope you have a productive day, it's really a bit dreary here so finding my motivation is causing me to dig deep, very deep but I'm going there, I'm getting it done. My list is getting smaller but yet larger, I love it. It pleases me to see what I am getting done and what I am planning to do. It's exciting! Never a dull moment at 1104 that's for sure!

Happy Monday all!

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