Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Thursday Thoughts...

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…


But I didn’t… and I don’t want to!!! HA But I did tolerate whipped cream and chocolate UP my nose. As one of my friends said...I was a good sport!

So it was a pretty quiet day with several phone calls and then dinner out with the family. It was to my favorite type of restaurants so what’s not to like? Helllllloooo, MEXICAN, and I had fajitas with corn tortillas and cheese dip, so it’s all good…I am so very blessed!

 My dad and I

I have to tell you I have done several birthdays without MiB, I have done one without LilBlue (last year) but this is the very first time I have done a birthday without both of them since LilBlue entered our world…I’ll admit it was a bit solemn, but oh so doable especially since “the littles” were at the house all day with me!

I received not one but TWO phone calls from the MiB, BONUS; then LilBlue phoned and we talked for a very long time :D so life is good.
This was the moment my second sister found out I am a year older then she thought! LOL That is NOT a year older then her just a year older then she thought!!!

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Susie said...

Happy Birthday!!!