Saturday, November 6, 2010

The day before the DAY!

Just checking in to say again that all systems are will follow after the celebration. It's been a low key day just a couple last minute prep things to do (that are already done) and not much else to report! It will all be underway in less then 24 hours.

I am not gonna lie, I will be glad when it is "in the books" it's been a lot of coordination and planning and I am just ready to have it enjoyed!

Next, THANKSGIVING!!! My absolute FAVORITE holiday...bunches of great food, family and no gift buying (which is sooooo out of control with my family that I am somewhat embarrassed...) oh, well, it has improved some over the years but we all live like it is Christmas everyday and I just find it over annoying since so many have financial obligations that could be taken care of rather then spend on a gift just to give it cause they feel compelled, so how not I have in my brain that the Christmas season was meant to be...anywho, I got off on a rabbit trail there, sorry! Any this is truly not just about my family this is America today, so I should not really blame my family on how I feel about this, it's become cultural IMO!

Til next time, enjoy a quiet cup of tea with a lovely shortbread cookie and think of your favorite holiday!

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