Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

It was a good day, the weather was gorgeous!

Our crowds were diverse; we had the family, the family friends, and the church friends. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves…we had plenty of cake, did I mention that we had two cakes? One chocolate with whipped icing and one white with butter cream icing. I did not eat the cake for the celebration but I did have some awesome pumpkin bread that my niece made. Can I just tell you that if you put pumpkin in it I am pretty much all over it regardless of what it is? Well, yeah, it’s true.

Back to the party, two of the three brothers were able to attend. I think they had a good time…there were lots of laughs as they relived some old family stories. Some things never change; they are a hoot for sure.

The brothers!

It was good to see some of my cousins that I have not in recent days, they all are doing well it seems and some I will see again for the holidays in just a few weeks.

Turning 80 is what I would consider a milestone; it also means you have been given 29,200 days of life.  That’s a bit intimidating to think about. I know there are always things we would do differently but overall I think my dad has been pretty pleased with the way his life has turned out. I hope so cause at this stage of the game you need to be living with no regrets. Make decisions you CAN live with, I think this is a good thought no matter your age, but the older I get the more I think this is a good thought process. In our younger years I think we just don’t think about the ramifications of our decisions or we think that will never happen to us, but as we get a few more years on us I think we realize how totally off that is.

I can never really say enough about my dad, as there are so many things TO say, but I will say this: I love him! I cannot say that we always see eye to eye but I always love him AND I know he loves me. I know he would do anything he could to help me if I needed it and the same goes for him if I can I will.

Happy birthday dad!

The youngest attendee!!!

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Susie said...

It looks like he had a great birthday:-)