Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thoughts!

I believe I need a thankful Thursday post this week! Cause I certainly have a many, many things to be thankful for!

I have a pretty healthy body (though I could stand to lose a few pounds), I am loved, I am well fed (hence the needing to lose a few pounds!), I have abundant clothing, I have a vehicle in good working order, I have extended family who love me, I have wonderful friends, I am just really, really blessed! And I really am thankful for all these things!

As we are just a week out from Thanksgiving day I am thrilled that there is a plan for LilBlue to come to MO for a few days, I wish it were longer but at least as of today she will be here for a few days. The Bud may even be coming down with her, it should be a good time, I know everyone here is anxious to see her it has been too long!

The weather here has been chilly but not cold. I am thankful for this, as I am not at all looking forward to cold temps. There have been a few days of coolness but all in all fall is shaping up nicely. I am praying for a mild winter!!! I am also praying in advance for good travel weather in December for my trip to OKC. I will be driving down and LilBlue will be flying so we will be praying for good weather for flying too! She has to connect in St Louis coming down and Denver on the way back. The Denver connection can always be dicey in December but we are just trusting God to make the travel provisions necessary and know that we have good friends in Denver and St Louis should there be a need!

This weekend I am headed to Branson...its been awhile since I have been in that neck of the woods and I will only be there a short time but anticipate it will be fun.

Last weekend I was in SW MO at a big scrapbooking crop and had a bunch of fun with a great group of ladies; how in the world I was talked into being dressed up in black and white trash bags I'll never know, but it happened and there are pictures to prove it! They will not be on here though, sorry! I am still trying to recover from scrapping til 2 a.m. on Friday night and then getting up at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, scrapping again til 10:00 p.m. Saturday night but not getting back to the room til somewhat later and being up to head home early Sunday morning. I was worn out and still think I am!

Enough on my end, have a great weekend, I will in Branson, MO!

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Susie said...

Have a wonderul time!!!