Wednesday, September 19, 2012

His View / Her View

It's a crisp morning today in LA and I knew I would not be rolling out of bed early to get my exercise in. So when I got a call from MiB telling me good morning and that he was looking at a wonderful view of the harbor and that he had sent me a picture of his view I thought that's very nice.

And seriously, I was thrilled to hear his voice. He's only been gone since Sunday and we have of course texted and emailed many times but it is always good to hear his voice and hear those three little words that still make my insides swirl. Anyway, after hanging up I thought I have a pretty good view too :)

I'm having as much of a home day-morning as I can, which means not much cause my attend this and to do list are calling! But I did finish my book and the view was awesome along with the coffee!

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