Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend WrapUP

Once again we have had a fun, full weekend! The fun started Friday at neighbor's promo! Congrats MAJOR!

Promo at Hanger2

Then we went on to a function at the club came home to a little round the table time. 

Saturday was rainy but not as much as today. We got out and got our errands done before the neighborhood gathering. That was a Mexican feast complete with The Machine in full operation. We tried our hands at strawberry daiquiri's. IF we do them again there will need to be tweaking but they were acceptable for a first time batch! 

 The Machine is filled and ready!

Good time was had by all! There was even some football watching amongst the eating and visiting! Go Game Cocks. Would you believe that until last night I NEVER new there was a team that had such a name? We had a very faithful avid Game Cock fan in the house I learned much!

 Game Cock fan!

 Football fans!

 Today has been a lazy day as the rain has continued to fall and it is steady unlike yesterday where it was sprinkling mostly. On and off for most of the day with smatterings of steady falling rain coming late in the evening. Today we woke up to semi wetness and then pretty much steady falling rain has commenced. We toyed with the idea of a movie but did not follow through. It's just been one of those nice, slow, relaxing days, though I had thoughts of being productive I pretty much just stayed right next to MiB in our favorite chair all the day long! Watched a little golf and a little football and did a lot of snuggling! Life is good :)

NOTE: The opening of the 31 day challenge will open I'm really trying to get my act together and get linked up. I am not going with my with Day 1 posting. I'm just going to link up the one I talked about the challenge a few days back! I sure hope I can figure it all out as I do not want to be late to the party...

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