Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend WrapUP

Seems like I was just going TGIF and here it is Sunday evening...These days pass so quickly!

Friday evening we enjoyed dinner then headed to the movies, since we needed to make a quick stop (read that two stores looking for "something" but not sure what) we were a little later then planned getting to the theater so the nice lady selling tickets told us it wasn't sold out but wold be very crowded; we opted out. Took the scenic route home and enjoyed a neighborhood walk before turning out the lights!

Saturday morning was gorgeous as we enjoyed morning coffee then stopped in on Operation Hero, where our military children get to experience what it's like to prepare for deployment among other VERY COOL activities. There was paint ball, obstacle courses, a firetruck with a hose out to shoot water, an ambulance with a "patient", SFS troops with their BIG guns, hummer and MRAP (which was uber cool) and bouncy house. Way cool stuff! I think everyone was having a great time and the breeze was awesome as it warmed up!

We headed to the BPCC100 after this and saw some "racing"! Neat stuff and great dedicated folks representing. Mighty Deuce LOA took 8th overall, way to go team! It was fun to get to mingle with the pit crews and meet the drivers! NASCAR fans can relate I'm sure! It was fun just simply fun!


 Pit support...official and unofficial!

 The Car heavily supported by TEAM BARKSDALE Car taking their timed lap!

We didn't get a picture of the Lander's car but the two drivers were military...we were well represented! GO TEAM BARKSDALE...

Since we were out we decided to give Whatabruger a try for a late lunch. I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I wasn't sure when we walked in but I did enjoy my burger. MiB enjoyed this one and I was totally impressed with the amount of bacon on there. I may have that next time! Yes, we will be going back!

Then we spent another evening on main base with the boss, his spouse and our MXG leaders. That's the last of the group socials, we have a little break until next month when we will gather again with the staff. I will be glad to have my Saturday nights back after a month of not. We do church on Saturday evenings so we have been out for the month of September with these gathers. Not that we don't have several things come up that conflicts it's just that this month seemed full with no break on weekends.

Today I did rise and shine and got a walk in then came home to coffee. Nice cool morning and beautiful start of the day. MiB and I headed over to the community pool so I could get on the SUP. If I do say so myself I think I did just fine thankyouverymuch! If was a bit challenging but fun. Not sure how I would feel about it in open waters but in the pool it was dandy :) MiB wants to get me in a kayak next...not so sure about that!

 Pool SUPing

Then it was off to the movies...yes, plural. Thought we were just going for one then we ended up seeing another! Started with that new Clint Eastwood one and ended with Hope Springs! Both were worth the watch in my book, though I would wait for the DVD on Hope Springs if you haven't seen it. Eastwood's Trouble with the Curve I would definitely go ahead and take it in while it's playing at the theater as we did enjoy it quite a bit!

After making it home, talking with the MO family and having homemade veggie soup we are now chillaxin'. LIFE IS GOOD! Would like to get a chat in with LilBlue since I missed her call while we in the movies and I do need to get a little bit productive before bedtime with laundry but other then that it's time to chill and catcha little football! Have a great week!

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