Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

The weekend was once again waaaay too short! Friday evening was spent with the neighbors enjoying THE machine, we had the proper supplies so it was a good mixture.

 Neighborhood Crew minus a few...

Then Saturday we took in the Dragon Boat races where I did not take one single picture...hmmm. And one of our very own 2d wing teams took 3rd OVERALL. Way to go AMXS :) In between boat racing MiB took me to lunch at Jersey Mike's, which I do enjoy, this time we tried a hot sub. It did not disappoint, the Philly cheese steak is way good but can only be a treat as it is very high in the caloric intake and we know I am trying to watch that :/ Then we had another evening of desserts where we took a lovely cheesecake with sweet strawberries on top. Again, sorry no picture :( I was just not in picture taking mode that day I guess...

Today was a nice relaxing start, then it was airport shuttle time.

 Smiling, before being stuck in Dallas for over three hours...

For some reason I did have an odd feeling about today's journey.Not a BAD feeling I just thought hmmm, I hope it goes smooth but I had that gut feeling it wouldn't, turns out my gut was right. There was a delay with the plane coming into Dallas and once it was finally there they still had plane part issues. After over three hours in delays they were finally off the ground. What's even worse is once he was in Dallas turns out he could of "caught a ride" with the higher up guy on the installation who was going to the same location. Gotta love communication and coordination or lack thereof. Such is life, he will be much later, hungry and tired but he will be. He will make the most of it and will have a great week as there will be reunions and celebrations for one of our own being named a TOP 10 :) It's all good. He has just safely landed in our nation's capital and hopefully he will make it to the hotel without any issues and sleep well! Though I know he is hungry so there may be a Mickey D's or some other food stop first!

Have a great week, I plan to. And while I had hoped it would be a little slower and quieter while MiB is gone looking at my calendar that is not the case. Oh, well, welcome to the third week of September. Can you believe that? There are only three FULL months left of this year...oh my, I feel time is passing too quickly.

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