Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts and TOES :)

Great day to you, temps are still warm but not so HOT, makes this girl smile. Love the coolness of the mornings as I am for my morning run/walk, it's sooooo nice! Today was Attic day, I was so excited to see the girls as it's been two weeks since I have been able to go. Life has been full as of late. Going to the Attic is something that I so totally enjoy. Even when I hear grumblings. But really I don't hear many, seriously. I mean there are somedays when you hear more then others about not so great things. And sometimes I happen upon circumstances that I can assist with and that always makes for a good day. Amazing, what a phone call can do when someone has been trying for weeks to get a pay issue straightened out or a housing maintenance issue that seems beyond ridiculous has been going on for weeks, it's good to be able to help out, I like that :) 

I also enjoy hearing about experiences by way of conversation. Today a young Airmen met an Airmen of the Month board for the very first time. Hearing about his experience was awesome, he was so proud and excited and was very complimentary of his supervisor who had walked him through the process "took care of him" so to speak. He actually felt sorry for the other two candidates as their supervisors had not given them insights into the process and they were nervous and ill-prepared, he was gracious enough to share with them what he could as they were waiting. THAT is a GREAT WINGMAN, This young man will go far!

Another perk of being at the Attic is seeing all the babies. Today there were many, some with painted toes, it was adorable!

. These are pretty toes :)
Those toes belong to New York...isn't she adorable!

More adorable toes!!!

Those belong to Wyoming :)

  • I'm gonna miss this...
  • Fall is coming, I know it!
  • Proper supplies have been secured :)
Happy day to you, I'm fixing dinner, black bean soup, yummy!

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