Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy HEART Day!

It's one of those days that I think is terrific to remember but I also think it has gone sooooo over the top. I am not a good gift receiver, and truth be told I am not a real good gift giver...but I do enjoy doing and getting things for others that I am certain they will enjoy and it does not have to coincide with a day or event, it's just how I roll. In fact when it comes to gifts I would rather skip them altogether and just spend time together. If you are familiar with the "Love Languages" I lean towards quality time.

So today, I have told my love that I do indeed love him, more now then yesterday and not as much as tomorrow, we will share a great meal together and enjoy each others company and it will be a wonderful, comfortable, time together. I am enjoying this chapter in our life. He is not worried about disappointing me by not giving an extravagant gift, I am not concerned about having some "thing" to give him. Though truth be told he did add a new board to his quiver through Craigslist yesterday! But it was not a Valentine present, it just happened he finally found a board that was the style he was wanting and in the price range he was willing to pay.

At church last night the pastor talked about relationships. It was a good message filled with reminders of how to love your mate and protect your marriage. What struck me was that his words were full of the same wisdom's that had been shared with MiB and I when we married. They are not things that society puts any value on and that hit me square in the face through this message. I know I have different values/morals then the world, I am called to by proclaiming I am a Christ follower, but the stark reality of how different I see our marriage and the things we do to keep it intact are not at all societal friendly. I think it is fact it is more then that it is a downright shame.

The top points shared from the message on protecting your marriage...
  • Move away from the edge of evil
Just because "something" is not WRONG, it may not be wise.

Things happen... "it" doesn't "just happen" we make choices.

  • Pre-decide your boundaries and choices
Stay away from "risky environments" with the opposite sex
  • Chatting online
  • Work projects
  • Meals
  • Recreation
Watch yourself at Ladies/Guys nights out type events

Preventions are more important then intentions...
  • Run away from compromising situations
Just some food for thought swirling around in my brain this morning and so thankful that we took the time to commit to these things early on in our relationship. Thankful that we continue to work on our marriage and continue to guard our hearts and minds from things that could/would erode what we have. Don't be fooled into thinking it cannot happen to you, that is, in my opinion, when you are most vulnerable. I have witnessed my own parents, some of my very best friends and other close family members go through the big is ugly, hurtful and devastating. I hate it, but it can happen to anyone, so please be on guard, protect yourself at all cost, do whatever it takes to keep your marriage intact, do not become complacent because as I said, it can happen to anyone!

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Susie said...

Happy Valentines to you and yours!