Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Cups of Tea

If you have a reading list, please add Three Cups of Tea to it. I have just finished reading it and it is an incredible read. I am now in search of Stones into Schools. It is my understanding that it starts up where 3CT leaves off. If our base library does not have it, I will purchase it and donate it when I am done. I am not sure if they have 3CT but I plan to check next time I go; if not, I will personally make sure they have it in the very near future. I am that moved by the efforts of this man, Greg Mortenson.

E D U C A T I O N is powerful! I have always been convinced of this, Mr. Mortenson proves it.

I am a reader...I read a lot. I can knock out a pretty good sized book in one day if I am really reading. I am not a speed reader, but I do read fast. So I will admit it took me awhile to read through this book. It is not what I would term an "easy read", but it IS a powerful read. Well worth the extra time and effort. So go on, borrow it from your local library, a friend or go buy it, it is a must read in my opinion!

If only we would all go out of our way to make a difference, what a different world we would live in...

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