Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Trying to launch a rocket here on the SpaceCoast the last couple of days and so far not sure it is going today either. I am in tune to this website as I try to keep up with the latest. I went to the Cape yesterday in hopes of seeing the launch up close but the winds were too strong so it was scrubbed. The folks in the 45th Launch Support Squadron were outstanding host, they had a great room with live NASA feed and awesome windows that provided a phenomenal view for the launch. I am just really bummed it didn't go! Today, I wanted to return to the 45th LSS but different circumstances have prevented that so I am hoping for a nice view from my own patio on this beautiful clear blue sky day! This week also marked the last night launch for the space shuttle as we know it. We went up for the launch and it was scrubbed, of course, we didn't go the next night and it went! It never goes when we go up so I should just know that and not go. Again, though, my patio provided a nice enough view as the night sky turned into day for a few seconds as the shuttle went up. Very, very neat to see no matter where you are! The space business is changing, how, no one is really for sure, but it is changing. There is a another shuttle launch on 18 March, I am planning to see it!

Tomorrow marks another milestone here at Patrick as the change of command passes from one to another. The weather forecast is for rain and the ceremony is scheduled to be outdoors...that will be interesting, I will keep you posted! Speaking of weather, we are having record lows. I wore a "heavy coat" for the first time since being here, it's kind of weird and neat all in one!

Well, my thoughts this week are still jumbled, as if that is news! Many of the same things are still tumbling around in my heart; however, a few new concerns have crowded in. . . I know it's all under the control of our God, so why I am somewhat out of sorts is weighing heavily on me. I am usually so much less emotional and at peace with "whatever it is" I am not sure why this is feeling so different. But goes nothin'!

  • Life is what it is
  • I already miss him...
  • Does drama ever end?
  • I am a master soup maker : )
  • It is good to have good friends!


Susie said...

The drama never ends...that would be boring, wouldn't it?

Frizzy and Bird said...

I have to agree with both you and Susie. LOL Especially when it comes to little girls.

I wish I could sit down and share a bowl of your soup or a cup of coffee over a bible study or chat. A girl can dream. Let me know if there is anything I can do.