Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hurling, not curling...

CAUTION: Discussion below may not be tolerable for those with a weak stomach...

Did that get your attention?? In honor of the Olympics I mention curling, an under known sport that I enjoyed watching very much the last few days. I was pulling for the USA team to win, but it didn't happen.

On to hurling, that is me the last 24 hours...yeah, I have some sort of sickieness going on in my world. I have no idea what it is except a stomach bug and let me just say it is not pleasant and there is a serious headache involved along with some of that hurling previously mentioned. To top it off, I am not at home.

My thoughts for today:
  • :o(
  • Sprite is my friend
  • Tylenol is my friend
  • MiB makes a great nurse!
  • Being sick on the road is challenging
I think I am going to try for a little nap, I am now feeling somewhat feverish, which has not been the case since this started on Tuesday evening with an upset stomach. I am in hopes that there will be no more hurling, but IT certainly could happen if we go with how my stomach feels right now. I would love to just be rid of the intense headache, at least I am not feeling totally yucky with all over aches but I have been told that stage may come. That is certainly exciting news to hear!


Susie said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Betty, I am so sorry you feel so icky! I hope you get this virus out of your system very very quickly! Glad to hear MIB is taking good care of you.