Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Add another one!

I think I have been making way too many commissary runs...I have found, yet another, new to me item that I think is yummo! These veggie straws are a nice crunchy treat that remind me of funyuns and/or Munchos which when I was a kid were two of my favorite crunchy things to eat! Now that I am, uh, wiser, I think funyons are way too oniony and make your breath incredibly stinky while Munchos have that really fake potato taste so I have moved on. My current favorite crunchy snack is SunChips in garden salsa, oh my, my, my, hide the bag!!!! BTW I do not work for Frito-Lay, I guess I just enjoy several of their products :)

These veggie straws took me back to 2001 and living in Alabama. I was at a baby shower planning meeting (yeah, they have meetings to plan baby showers AND wedding showers, it is serious business!) Anyway the hot topic of discussion was cheese straws! While they debated who would make them, how many should be made, where to make them and who would help, I had visions swirling around in my head of a block of cheddar cheese and a drinking straw. I was thinking ain't no way I am going to volunteer for this! Well, come baby shower time I got a first hand look at this delicacies and I was hooked from the first bite! YUMMERS, they are absolutely lovely!
Well, the veggie straws are no cheese straws but they ARE nice...they are relatively low in calories at 130 calories per serving, that is one serving on the plate. A serving is 38 of the straws. They are a mixture of potato, spinach and tomato flavors. and are lightly salted, I love salt so they could have salted them more, but my doctor would probably be pleased they are lightly salted! They also come in olive oil and rosemary, think I will try those next time!
The close up shot shows you that they are hollow, makes them even more crunchy IMO. While they are what I would consider healthier they still have some fat in them, they are also not real cheap. The 7 ounce bag I bought cost $2.69. There was a .75 cents off coupon affixed to the bag which I promptly pulled off and used during check out. The bag says it serves 7. If you do check out the website they allow you to print a coupon for a $1.00 off.

That's my plate after my snack =P I hope you are enjoying a great day, the sun is shining here and I am soaking it up, it's a beeee-u-teeee-ful sunny day here on the SpaceCoast!

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We had the sun and now we are all foggy:-(