Friday, March 12, 2010

A Glimpse (or two)

Guess what, I am playing along today with a blogger I enjoy reading. Chatting at the Sky has a little linky thing going on, no, NOT kinky, LINKY! So I am going to link up and play with her! It is Glimpses of Home!

I have lived in 12 homes since 1985, and since MiB is planning on sticking with this gig for 30 I am probably looking at at least 3 more potentially 4. I love to be at home, I enjoy making wherever we live into our home, it's not always easy and it sometimes makes me bonkers but by the time we move again, I am usually in love with where I am. We have been all over the United States and a couple locales in Europe, it's been a great adventure. However, as more moves happen I find myself settling in less, I mean I have only been in the Sunshine State for 10 months and just over three months ago we found out we would soon be moving again. Makes it hard to get that homey feel but we do our best and I think we do a pretty good job of it. Even if the pictures for the MBR are still on the floor...

Anyway, as of late, I am separating, sorting and packing and such. You see in a few days some of our things will go to MO, in May some of our things will go into long term storage, in June some of our things will go to the desert, and also in June some of our things will go with me to Tampa. This takes some thought and planning. I need to make sure we keep out anything we might need in the next 15 months or so, cause once it goes into storage we won't see it or have access to it again for at least a year. No pressure, hope I don't get an IRS audit! Anyway the photo I share is the closet that has become "keep it out" central. I still have a long way to go but it is a start!

Then there is the chair. I I love, love, love this chair. It is a chair and a half and it has a great big storage ottoman near it and it is my favorite place to sit. I usually have my laptop close by and MiB always keeps the remote within easy reach and we sit, snuggle, talk, and nap together, it's just a wonderful cozy place to be especially with someone you love!

I think I might have gone a little long, sorrrrrry!!!


Susie said...

That is going to take some really creative juggling!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Oh my! Does that mean MIB will be deployed for a year? I'm sorry I'm a bit out of the loop. Scott and I moved 8 times in our almost 11 year marriage so I get what you mean about not settling in.

However, I never had to pack 3 different shipments. It was hard enough just figuring out what to take when we moved to Italy and met you all. You are in my prayers. Please send me a personal email when you have time to catch me up on what's going on.

Bobbie said...

I have a chair and a half too! Love to curl up in it - and it is big enough for me and the (big) dog!