Monday, March 8, 2010

Two new things I like!

I know I mentioned that I tried and liked almond milk, but can I tell you I really, really do like this stuff...I have been using it in latte's and quiche, and on cereal. It is amazing! I am using the original, but I understand there is also sweetened vanilla and chocolate, along with unsweetened in the original and the flavors as well. I would like to try the unsweetened as I definitely do not need the sugar. However, I will probably stay with what I have since right now that is all I have available where I shop. I bought mine in the refrigerator section but it is also available in shelf stable. I am so glad the commissary started carrying this! Yeah DeCA! Maybe they will carry the other varieties if sales are good enough!

Another new item in my cupboard is SunButter. I really like this product as well!! It's a nice spread that is somewhat thinner then regular peanut butter with a toasted sunflower seed flavor. I love sunflower seeds so trying this was a no-brainer once I found out about it. I think it is a great alternative for those with peanut allergies, too. Again, this is conveniently available at our commissary! Another shout out for DeCA!!!

This was not paid programming!! Just sharing some personal product experience, try either or both at your own risk of loving, liking or totally grossing out!

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Susie said...

Huh! I have never heard of those:-)