Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tired Thursday Thoughts!!!!

It was allllll good but tiring! We have had company for the last 11 days and it has been sooooo much fun...

Just to recap we went from a household of 2 to 11 overnight, then we lost one for a couple days, gained that one back plus one and leveled off at 4 for the last 5 days and we are now back to 2. The days were pretty relaxed which I think is what everyone was looking for. And we did make several trips out, saw a bunch of neat stuff and spent some time on the beach, which was the the goal!

I am so glad my dad came down; he flew in from KC by himself, no small feat for a nearly 80 year old! He did great, especially if you know anything about navigating Orlando airport...there is a tram involved! Yesterday we put the last two back on the plane to KC, it was sad to see them go. I am so glad they came.

Today I attended the SMOOTH MOVE briefing. Our move is creeping up pretty quickly and we have to get some dates nailed down for the pack out and all that. I learned a couple things so I am glad I went, I am also thankful that for the most part I do not have that "I've done it so many times, I know it all," attitude. I hope I will continue to stay teachable.

I am tired, it was a late night last night, early morning this morning and another early morning tomorrow. I know the weekend will fly by. We take off on Saturday for the panhandle so really I should be packing but I wanted to get a post in so here we go short and sweet!

  • I love me some "littles"
  • Spare bedrooms are awesome!
  • I think I gained some poundage :(
  • Love the funny memories we made.
  • Everyone seemed to love the roasted veggies!!

A couple pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Cape Lighthouse--going UP!

Coming DOWN

"Littles" with their momma at the beach!

Folks at Ron Jon's!

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Susie said...

Look's like a great time:-)