Thursday, April 15, 2010

The days are passing quickly!

I know, I know it's Thursday again! The calendar tells it all, I am knee deep in preparing for the movers who will be here in one week. In fact this time next week I will probably be waiting the arrival of said movers! I am thrilled to learn that the non-temporary storage area is not a warehouse so to speak...that it is a temperate climate that does not generally exceed 80 degrees. When everything you own goes into someone else's hands without much regard to your wishes cause they are paying for it every little bit of comfort you can find is a blessing!

So the week has flown by, many bags of garbage have been deposited at the curb, the Goodwill got a car load of things with a few more bags to be delivered this weekend, the neighbors pantry has been nourished, the firemen have been blessed, the A&FRC who cannot take donations has been bequeathed some anonymous donations ;), the Airman's Attic has not been left out of our giving away nor has the library. I think we are very close to being ready for the mover's. I feel good about where we are, or maybe I should say where I am as I would have liked MiB to have gone through more of the his boxes but it's all good. I just don't want a bunch of "stuff" sitting in storage for the next 12+ months that we don't need, that someone else could be benefiting from. I am sooooo over STUFF, not that I ever was into it, but I am no longer a "collector" of much of anything.

I still enjoy certain things to be sure, but not in such a big way, too much clutter. And to be honest some of the "collections" I did have from years back was by default...ever have that happen? You receive something, you like it and all the sudden everyone is giving you that. For me that happened several years back with Precious Moments. I like them, I really do, but I like the ones that are special to me, not all of them! I have culled the collection, still have a few more then I desire but it is better then it was!

Thursday Thoughts:
  • Time is flying by!
  • Love me some baked oatmeal
  • Going to miss walks on the beach
  • Purging "things" is good for the soul!
  • Going to a sand art festival this weekend
Gotta run, there are piles waiting on me, documents to be filed, pictures to be taken, sanding to be done, sorting to be finished, ironing, and dinner decisions to be made today!


Susie said...

You are swamped! Don't forget to breathe:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Oh the joys of PCS season and all it's excitement. I miss those days. Crazy huh? I know on top of all the things you mentioned there is also quite a bit of concern for your family during this period of transition. You will all be in my prayers for a safe time apart and reunion. I love you Blue!