Friday, April 30, 2010

Blast from the past!

Love it when things work out to re-connect with those from one of our past assignments! It was iffy for awhile, we had heard had retired, but weren't for sure, then didn't know if they stayed in the area. A few emails, call to the old work center, some FB posts, trying an old phone number, and BINGO we were meeting up. And it was his birthday! We brought the ice cream and C had the cake, yummy!

We were stationed with B at USAFA he was only dating C at the they are married with the most handsomest little guy I have seen; he is just totally adorable, cuddly and sweeeet, A total heart stealer and I wanted to get my hands on him instantly, thankfully, he was willing, cause I would have hated to have not been well received from this little guy! I am seeing him again today and can't wait! But don't get the wrong idea I do not want another one (unless of course, God somehow made that happen, which is highly unlikely, think menopause here people) and I am NOT ready to be a grandma (my own "baby" is only 19 and unmarried-enough said!). I just love to love on a little one!

The Mc Family

B and JR

What a neat night of catching up and visiting. We love this part of our military lifestyle!

And for the most part those you meet and serve with are friends for life, no matter how long between visits, it's just like it was yesterday that you saw them. I say for the most part because we have had a few that were put out that we didn't stay in touch quite as much as they thought we should of and are miffed at the fact that we cross paths, call them up and would like to see them again...I call them E.G.R. folks and we love them anyway!

*E.G.R.=Extra Grace Required (cause I know you're gonna wonder ;)


Frizzy and Bird said...

EGR that's funny! What category you put us in or are there more than one? LOVE YA!

I love reuniting with old friends from USAF days. We feel like our AF friends are more like family than friends at times. SO happy you were able to track these friends down. Always fun to catch up esp. when babies are around.

Susie said...

That looks like great fun:-)