Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving...not what you think!

You probably think I am going to update on the move...but I am not. Not yet anyway, maybe later, maybe. Okay, seriously, I will; the loading day was quite an adventure!

Last night we tagged along on an outing with "three doors down" It was a humbling, somber event yet sorta rowdy at the same time, but nonetheless the meaning behind the event is worth mentioning. Brevard County hosted the traveling wall all last week. PAFB supported by opening and closing the events with senior leadership for both ceremonies. We didn't make the opening but we were there last night for the closing. It was an incredible thought provoking reminder that our country is still at war, we have been at war for quite some time, we are a nation who has gone through many wars, we most likely will continue in some way or another in this war business. We have not always done such a good job at honoring our war fighters. I pray that never happens again. Living the military lifestyle is not without it's challenges but to think of MiB having to go through what some of our veterans's sobering, I would not ever discount what any Airman, Sailor, Soldier, Marine or Coast Guard service member did for his country, yet, somehow, that happened with our Vietnam Veteran's. It is unfortunate, it is sad. Thankfully, our country has taken a turn in how they welcome home veteran's of foreign war, it is a U-turn I hope and pray never changes.. It is the right thing to do, period!

I hope that when you encounter service members past and present that you will feel the urge to thank them. You don't need to say a lot, "thank you for your service" or "we appreciate what you do" is good and appropriate. It means a lot. It has been our pleasure to have the opportunity to do more, it warms your heart. We have paid for a lunch or dinner for one in uniform without their knowledge (especially, the really young ones), we have given rides, we have taken time to chat with an old timer, we have listened, we have made friends with those who seem friendless, it's not a lot but it might have made their day, made a difference to them, it wasn't for us or about us it was for them to thank them! I hope you will be inspired or feel like doing the same at some point; I think you will like how it makes you feel!

On a side note, we did not get to drive this golf cart although we felt we would have been very capable and could have had a lot of fun! We were only allowed to sit in it as the guy who procured it for our seating pleasure took the keys with him!

Over and out!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Wonderful post! I can't tell you how much it meant to Scott when someone would walk up and thank him or shake his hand for serving our country. We do this now when we encounter a man or woman in uniform.

FYI, I still see some of our men and women get the slighted. I feel Bird was slighted along with the other 39,999 personnel who served with hightest honors but lost their jobs w/o explanation other than your # was randomly pulled so we can afford and buy new jets.

IN addition, serving 11 years should qualify him for some type of retirement bennies but that's not the case. Zip ZERO ZILCH!

Susie said...

I ALWAYS thank those who serve:-)