Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's over!

We are officially homeless again...yeah, I know, it's sort of non news since it happens so frequently in our life but I just wanted to report on that! We had our final out this morning and all is well. Well, as well as can be considering they owe us a month's worth of rent that is, but that should be remedied in a week or so and then it will be really good!

Just to recap, the packing team came out last Thursday and as I already said they did an awesome job. Friday we were all ready for the truck and loaders to arrive by 10:00 a.m. and 4 hours after their scheduled arrival time they, well, they arrived. Yes, I did say FOUR hours after their scheduled arrival time. For those of you that are non adders that is 2:00 p.m. for their arrival time. You see they had a little trouble clearing the gate to get on base. We will just leave it at that and say we are very thankful that "locals" were hired to fill in the void and in record time we were tagged, inventoried, loaded and watching the truck leave with all our things heading to a storage facility in Plant City, Florida for the next 15 or so months.

After the truck pulled away we were pretty spent. MiB helped out a lot more then a customer normally would, he was definitely in the middle of the mix doing what he could to move things along, he dismantled nearly all things that needed to be dismantled along with helping to put down and take up the house protection when they were done loading. If you are unfamiliar with house protection that is the stuff they lay down on your floors to protect the tiles and carpet and the things they put up on the doors to protect the door frames, it is quite a good idea to do this.

I on the other hand spent our waiting time and my non "watching them" time cleaning for our final out. It was a long day. The master bathroom was completed along with the laundry room and most of the kitchen. The bar sink area was also checked off the list. There was still a good portion of the list for cleaning on Saturday, but by 11:00 a.m. Sunday we were F I N I S H E D. All that was left before the inspection was to meet the carpet cleaner Monday morning.

So when 6:00 p.m. Friday rolled around and they had just pulled away from the curb we really wanted to collapse on the floor and take a nap, even though we had a lovely chicken enchilada casserole in the fridge for dinner. The downside on this was that it still needed to bake for an hour. That really would be fine but I had already cleaned the oven so it would need to do that in our temporary living quarters, across base, after the oven heated up...yada, yada, yada, so when "three doors down" invited us to pizza it didn't take to much to convince ourselves we were in!

I must say that it was the best pizza to date for this area, I am only sad we didn't try Baci earlier! It came highly recommended last summer and we just never made it over to that area to try it. The restaurant also has a wine shop attached. Since "three doors down" are wine connoisseurs we had a hand picked bottle of Villa something or other from Italy, it was nice, fruity and not too oaky wine. I liked it! We enjoyed the nice wine with a Baci Special which is a white pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh spinach. It was A M A Z I N G, very yummy indeed. Not to mislead you, it was NOT like any authentic Italian pizza we ever had while in Italy but it was a GOOD pizza with a nice crisp crust!

So there you have the update. We are out the house, we are leaving for South Carolina in the morning for a couple days then on to Montgomery for a week before coming back here for a couple days before heading up to the Panhandle for a week, then back here for several days before another trip to the Panhandle then back here until MiB leaves for the sandbox. Whew, it will be a whirlwind from now until then won't it? But it's all good :)



Frizzy and Bird said...

Ok, I do not miss those days at all. The balancing act and the getting everyone and everything seen and done before leaving for a new spot or being away from one another. Ugh! Big hugs your way! BIG!

Susie said...

That is a whirlwind:-) Safe travels!