Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Holy Moly my brain is swirling with many thoughts this lovely chilly morning in South Carolina...mainly can I do this? Am I making the right decision? Will it really work? Stay tuned...

Long day yesterday as we woke very early for MiB to complete his annual PT test, not that I do not enjoy early mornings, I DO. I have come to embrace the early morning the older I have gotten but seriously 4:45 A.M. was EARLY! So off he went to meet his examiner (thanks Chaplain B) and ace it he did while I packed up the room. Not that there was a doubt he wouldn't pass, but he really did ace it! As in I think he got an excellent, which is what he normally gets but with all the moving hoopla he has been eating whatever I was trying to rid the pantry of and it wasn't all that wonderful of a diet. Also with the busyness of our life through guest and his travels he wasn't really putting in the PT time that he should have been the past few weeks (okay, um, maybe several weeks) to be fully prepared for the test. Nonetheless he did it, it's done and I'm glad that yet another must do has been accomplished for this next phase.

Then we finished giving away those last few items from the house, packed the car, checked out of TLF and hit the road North. It was a good drive, the last hour was rural which was kind of neat but a long hour after the early morning we had had. Checked into our place here, the Azalea Suite, checked out the commissary and BX, located the conference building for MiB and then went back to the room for some dinner and an early turn in.

FYI so far only one item has been identified that went into the long term storage that should not of and thankfully, sooooo thankfully, it was not a huge biggie, but still it was an "ought oh" moment. (It was not mine either :)

Thursday Thoughts!
  • I love organization!
  • Space Bags really work!
  • I'm going to really miss my bestie!
  • Praying for finals week and Lil Blue...
  • Taking one day at a time more literally!


Susie said...

Love those space bags:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I love space bags too! What was it that went into LTS? Curious minds want to know. LOL Glad you made it safely.

Mrs. Blue said...

Left ya hangin' didn't I? It was his personal challenge coins...which is big, but not huge, since he was planning on ordering new ones!