Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

My thoughts are what have we gotten ourselves into???

Two weeks from today the movers will be here and pack up all our worldly possessions for the next 12+ months as we put practically everything we own into storage. That is really not that bothersome, the part that causes me to spring awake in the middle of the night is the thought of packing something away that I may need, I mean really need, and not be able to get it. So I am making lists, separating paperwork and things, mailing boxes, purging and trying to make sure that doesn't happen. I'll keep ya posted on that :) The other side of this is that as of 23 April we will not be in a home. We have been "homeless" many times in our life as we move from one locale to the other so I am somewhat used to doing this, however, this wasn't really supposed to start until June, late June, so we are a wee bit early on the homeless part. It'll work, it always has, right? Besides I am planning to live as a vagabond for the next year anyway so I started a few weeks early!

Meanwhile, I had a great phone call from lil'blue today. She had a very enjoyable Easter with the family, she rocked at the egg hunt this year! We talked about one of our summer trips, about her flying down and just life, it was a nice chat that was so enjoyable!

In other news MiB flew out to COS today. He left here where the temp is a lovely 77o and will enjoy a chilly 50o there, which really isn't that bad, but I saw the low for tonight and it is predicted at 34o, that is downright COLD in my book!

The other hot topic is the snake in the grass in my front yard! I must admit I did not see it, but three doors down did and called me as she sat outside my house, not literally, but in her car, letting me know he was there. I looked out the window but he had apparently already slithered into the bushes which are even closer to the house, yippee! I am so excited for this news....NOT! I don't mean any ill will towards any slithering creature, however, I do wish they would choose someone else's place to hang out at! That's all I'm sayin'!

  • Snakes....yewwww!
  • I really like grapefruit!
  • Mosquitoes are suckers :)
  • I am a good paper shredder!
  • Beach walks have been awesome this week!
Okay, now onto some pleasurable reading as I take a break from the packing prep!

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Susie said...

Good luck with that packing! I would be frantic!!