Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy MAY!

Can you believe it is MAY already? I cannot, time just seems to be flying...

As for us we are now safely in Montgomery, AL for the week. I am so excited to get to go to our former church in Coosada, AL tomorrow! It will be so fun and great to see those we knew when we were stationed here February 2003-October 2005. We already have lunch plans with some of our great friends and I can hardly wait!!!!!

As for the trip over we met up with some of our friends at a neat mall and broke bread together at this yummo place! Had we had more time I might have done some serious window shopping as they had some of my favorite stores!!! Hard to do "real" shopping when you are "homeless" Still, it was a great stop. We did go venture in the Apple store to play with the new ipad. The line to purchase said ipad in the the just released 3G model was incredible! It was a long line that snaked throughout the store. While we liked the ipad, we just aren't sure it is "the" buy for us right now. It was cool though, really cool!

Long day, fun day, ready for bed, night!!!!


Susie said...

Happy May to you too! I hope you get the rest you need from such a busy day:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I am so glad you and MiB are having such a wonderful time and trip together. Sounds like you are having a blast!