Wednesday, June 2, 2010

F R O Z E N like an ice cube...

What is it with us and AC units? We have yet again had to have a service call for the's frozen! Yeah, like rock solid frozen. And NO I didn't do it. You see we had to check out of the beach house today (I know, real bummer) and move to a suite. Not a big deal it is just for two nights and then we are back in the beach house :)

So anyway, we moved over to this suite and it seemed a bit warm temperature wise, but it was late in the morning, the drapes were open and we were coming in and out moving our things in, I thought no big deal it will cool down once we are in close the drapes and get the ceiling fans going. So it's 8 hours later and still not cooler, as in it was 80* in the room, it was cooler outside on the veranda with the ocean breeze then in our rooms. MiB placed a call to the front desk and within a very short amount of time Airmen Blue showed up...seriously, that was his name, I am not kidding! Amn Blue determined that the unit was FROZE up, the inside of the inside unit was a solid ice block and the inside of the outside unit was frozen solid along with the outside of the outside yeah, it was frozen, ALL of it. Who knew? So that is why we weren't being cooled and ya know I happen to have my camera handy so I took some pictures for ya, I wish I would have taken a picture of Amn Blue but I didn't, sorry!

The inside of the the inside part

The outside of the outside part

The inside of the outside part, look close at that white hose looking thing, that is the frozen part it should be the size of the copper tube right next to it.

Holy Moly, it's just one AC call after another in my life right now! I think this makes 5 calls in the last month or so. So if you are in the HVAC field and you live near me you are gainfully employed! You may even have job security if I keep moving around billeting!

I'm going to bed now, I gotta get up early cause the AC repair man is coming back in the morning! However, I am now in the suite next door, it is cool in here! Night :D

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Susie said...

Holy Moly is right!!