Sunday, June 13, 2010

The final HOOPLA!

It was a FREE event, cause we think that's the way it should be...

We were overjoyed to have Airmen come if they wanted and not have to pay a bazillion dollars for 'horse douvers' that you can never eat enough of to feel like you got your monies worth or full.

So it was a BBQ shindig! There was chicken that had some of the best sauce I have ever had (and YES, I did get the secret to the sauce:) I will be making this little concoction on my own and there was pork butt (DaveM's words not mine and he was the cook for that so I'm sticking with his verbiage, it's kinda funny to say!) Of course there were yummy sides, beans, cole slaw and tater salad. It was all good.

The Servers! McBride, Ernie, DaveM

The eatin' was going real good but then they quieted everyone down to get onto the business of telling us goodbye, farewall, see ya. That was the part I was not looking forward to...honestly, it just isn't in our comfort zone to be in the spotlight or on the hot seat as they called it, course it was really MiB that had that distinction but they honored me as well; which was so thoughtful but yet so not me. They meant well and that is what I know so I went with the flow, I do that best anyway :)

Some pictorial moments to mark the event!

John N was the leader in presentations and hard to top!

Schaf did the honors for the NAF! He did it well!
The surfboard momento was a hit!!!!

All in all it was as good as it have to say farewell...might as well have a good food venue and do it up right, that is what we went for, we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks for the wonderful ride, it got somewhat bumpy at times, had its ups and downs but overall we had a great ride and felt so honored and privileged to serve along side the men and women of the 45th Space Wing, you are professionals and do your very best day in and day out and we are thankful for the opportunity to share in your world for the past few months!

Col W gives the final remarks and goodbyes...

The man in charge of the big goodbye! THANKS are the party planner bomb!



Susie said...

That's awesome!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Moments you'll never forget. I guess I'll officially wish you Farewell!