Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I am!!!

Did you miss me??? I know, I missed you!

So we made it from FL to MO for Father's Day and now we am in NE. Weather cooperated for the most part the whole time (well, there was that 40 minutes or so outside Springfield MO but we won't talk about that)!

So here I am sitting in a non par hotel room that I am still feeling unsure about but think I am glad to have it considering the circumstances...CWS in Omaha, NE I mean who knew, I sure didn't! When we planned to be in Bellevue this week I just thought nothing of it! The friend who we were supposed to be staying with has sick, sick, sick kids; since I so didn't want to get in on that action I went to plan b - however, it was a no go, plan c just didn't work out either, so plan d is where I am's only for one night, cause that is ALL they had, so tomorrow I may not be in NE anymore, Toto. At least I will have a little more daylight to work out different accommodations.

I mean I lived here for 4 years, I know about the CWS, it just failed to register that the week we were coming up was during that HUGE my bad...oh, well, we have already completed a nice chunk of our to do list and tomorrow we are off to check out the new school to complete even more! It's going to be all good in the end.

Not much of an update I know, but it's the best I can do. I have had little to no internet access.

I'm now going to head on out to make some drive arounds and see what's changed since we left! Then I am hoping for some good sleeping and a full productive day tomorrow!

As for a 365 update the MiB is in his new locale and from all indications it is going well. I actually spoke with him today (1st time) and he sounded tired but upbeat. We have been emailing, texting, facebooking since he left so the phone call was a nice upper to my sort of downer day in relation to the whole no place to stay thing!

So we are both surviving this year apart and my traveling has been going well. I just hope living the nomadic life for a year continues to agree with me. I'm totally excited and ready and both MiB and I think it's the chance of a lifetime for me to be happily homeless by choice!


Susie said...

Welcome back and have a good rest:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I know this is a difficult time for you now. I know your faith and trust are completely in God's hands as your husband serves our country from afar. Know that he is in our prayers for safety and a fast return home to your loving arms.

I'm here anytime you need to talk my dear friend.

Man in Blue (MiB) said...

I guess the term Homeless is setting in! 143 MiB