Friday, June 4, 2010

Who ate what results

I am sure this has weighed HEAVILY on your mind ALLLLLL day long so I will take the suspense away now....If you are confused about what I speak of see here!

The Cheesecake Eater

The Turnover Eater

So that leaves the yogurt for me :) I can't imagine that that was a big surprise but who knows maybe I just blew your socks off :)

And just so ya know I DID not eat all three yogurts at once...I had the cappuccino one for breakfast this morning! It was okay, I would have preferred a little stronger coffee taste but it was still nice. (I did eat the other two last night...I had the strawberry cheesecake after we went for a walk on the beach, then we were up sort of late and the pineapple coconut was just calling out my name so to shut it up so I could get some sleep I went in and ate it!!!) Sorry, there is no pictorial evidence since I was the one snapping the photos for this event.


Frizzy and Bird said...

I was right! I wasn't too sure if you and MIB might not have switched tho with the AF fitness guidelines and all. LOL

Mrs. Blue said...

Well, he really should NOT be eating those, but he just got a 100 on his fitness test last month and since he is going away and will be far from treats such as these soon I think he is being somewhat indulgent as of late!