Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's a Maverick now!

On Tuesday lil'blue and I spent a rainy day in Omaha checking in at her new school. We took care of her housing contract, paid a visit to the finance office to chat with the VA rep, stopped in at the security office for parking info, double checked residency status, checked her schedule and just made sure we were getting everything done we were supposed to for a smooth transition in August.

So far, so good! I am thrilled with the answers we got from the VA rep, all paperwork IS in order and even if the $$ doesn't come in at the appointed balance due time, we do not have to pay it, they will suspend the bill til the VA gets the payments to them...that is a great bit of news. Her book stipend will be twice a year as long as she takes a minimum of 12 hours and if there is $$ left they will help with any summer books she might need, should she decide to take classes (which I think she will be). So again, I say, so far so good!

And just so you know I am now on Offutt and living large in a suite...goodness, I feel truly taken care of, it's too bad I am leaving to head back to MO tomorrow...but dad and I are going to pal around for a couple days just me and him so it's all good!

Sorry there are no pics from the campus visit but it was raining and I didn't lug anything around that wasn't necessary that day!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Will you be going and checking out our old stomping grounds at CMSU?

Mrs. Blue said...

Yes, I am planning a trip to the burg!!! Not this week but at some point I am :)

Susie said...

Such an exciting time!