Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

This has been a fun week...we got to be included in a birthday celebration on Tuesday for her! It was a really fun evening of sharing a meal and another wonderfully luscious dessert.

Eeeegads, it was soooo good, it had a chocolate layer around the entire cake, yes like real chocolate that a chocolate candy bar is made of, was on the entire cake. Then the cake was, of course, wait for it......CHOCOLATE!!!! And it was a layer cake with, are you ready, chocolate fudge icing in between the layers, yahuh, really, even though MiB wasn't certain about this I am, I saw them. So then on top of the candy bar covering that is on the WHOLE cake are these fudgey roses. Not real deal icing, I am talking fudgey stuff here and it was decadent, probably my favorite part. If we had been at home and no one was around I would've been licking the knife and cake board thing , seriously! Then there were these gianormous strawberries on top which had been dipped/coated in some very sweet strawberry coating stuff and stuck on a bed of the yummy fudgey stuff. I know I am about to drool on myself telling you about it and this was two days ago! I still know this cake inside and out!!! We got it here since as you know I am in the business of procuring desserts rather then making them at this stage in our transition. And seriously, I would not have been able to make this anyway.

The birthday girl with her cake!

Thursday Thoughts:
  • Beachin' it is nearly over
  • The B I G farewell is tomorrow
  • The B I G G E R one is next week
  • I'm savoring days and moments like crazy
  • I am sooooooo thankful for friends and family!
Over and out for now...


Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm drooling like you wouldn't believe! You can bring one of those cakes to my house any day.

Also, I'm glad someone knows me as well as you do to hear the words I was thinking when I titled my post Meeting in the middle. LOVE IT!

Susie said...

That cake looks soooooo good!!