Saturday, March 19, 2011


Oh yum! We went north today. It was a bit rainy but we were not deterred! We carried on. First stop - the Dole Plantation.

Pretty cool place and we paid our $7 and went on a little plantation tour... Saw amazing plants and trees like avocado, plumeria, macadamia, bananas, cocoa, mango, coffee, bird of paradise and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting!!! Oh and of course we saw pineapple, lots and lots of pineapple! We also got to taste it and it was very yum!

We enjoyed some pineapple whip from the snackbar as well!

After the plantation tour we went further north to a coffee place, then on around to the "north shore" which due to damp condition was not AS enjoyable but still big waves and beautiful beaches! We rounded out our excursion with coconut chocolate pie from Ted's Bakery! Then back to Waikiki where we headed to the beach for a few hours before the sun went down. Another great day in Hawaii!

Aloha :)