Sunday, March 6, 2011


In just three days I will be in the air, flying to meet my MiB. This is such a huge trip in many ways. It is of course the "deployment R&R" which simply means it is his break from the year long assignment he is on. But to us it is also our 25th Anniversary Trip. We do not actually celebrate our 25th til June but his assignment will not be complete until it has passed so we are celebrating early. I'm okay with that!!! In our many years In The Blue we have often been apart for the real days so we are experienced with picking days to make our own celebration. I have lost count how many anniversaries we have spent apart, not to mention birthdays and holidays along with sorrow days but they cannot be totaled on one hand, it would probably take two and some toes...

The other awesome part of this trip is that LilBlue will be joining us for a week, I am so excited about this as is MiB! We are a trip family, we have taken many family trips together but this one is just going to be very special. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! There are not too many years left that will allow this type of event. I see the writing on the wall... I know MiB and I are thrilled that LilBlue took the initiative to find a job last year, but I also think it gets in the way...we want to be able to have her anytime we want her, we already work around her school schedule and now add her job to it...and eventually we know there will be a husband (ackkkkk) and then children, oy vey! Growing up - it's hard on EVERYONE! The trips will still happen for sure just maybe not as often and with all of us together for them!

But anyway I wander off the THREE topic.. So in three days I will see the MiB and life will be BETTER (cause it is already GOOD)! HIP hip HOORAY!


Susie said...

I am getting so excited for you:-)

Man in Blue (MiB) said...

Less than THREE now! I get on a plane in about 13 hours for the long flight (24+ hours flying to meet you) M\iB