Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a Wednesday!

Can you say WOWSA it's been a day or two since we have seen this guy but what a great reunion we had here in Hawaii! KJ was deployed with MiB way back when in Operation Desert Storm, we haven't seen him since left OK and headed to Korea. He is about to retire and we are thrilled we were able to hook it up to see him while we were here! He is doing well!

After a great breakfast with KJ we headed over to the stadium to check out the big swap meet! That was an interesting place! LilBlur had fresh coconut and pineapple that was awesome good and we picked up some T-shirt bargains for the family back home!

I'm still excited I can post from email but I have to admit it is harder to do and I leave a lot out but at least it is a post!


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