Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Honestly, ALL that has been on my brain lately is our upcoming trip to H A W A I I...MiB and I will be meeting up in less then ONE WEEK.....I am soooooooo full of JOY, I can hardly believe it is this close to happening. This is a BIG trip for us, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary and then we will have LilBlue with us for a little family vacation which will be awesome! I am stoked...

So thoughts this week are all over the map...I am content with where I am and my preparations...we have a great I-10 with lots of neat things on it and lots of flexibility as well! We will be just enjoying it, I know and that will so be the best part as we just soak up the sunshine and each other!

  •  Don't overpack!!!
  • Fresh pineapple will be awesome!
  • Not having my laptop WILL be okay!
  • I'll be having a fruity drinks on the beach!!
  • Lil Blue, MiB and I may want to move there?????

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Susie said...

I am so green!