Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts :D


We are hereeereeee….it is gorgeous, sunny and warm, I am so blessed! I am savoring every moment and while I do not internet at the resort I am able to at least post from my phone.  However, I cannot upload pictures to the blog that way, which makes me sad but it is the way it is. IF we are at a wifi hotspot AND I have time I MAY try to do some posts with pictures, it will not be a priority but I will try if possible.

I am so overwhelmed by the beauty and the lush surroundings, it is very different then I thought it would be but not in a disappointing way by any means!

Today we are off to explore and get our island legs. We will visit the base for supplies and some local information at ITT and check into the attractions on our itinerary for best ticket prices. We are also in search of a surf board rental for the duration! Not to mention snorkel gear.

It is all good from the island!

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Susie said...

Did you guys get any negative effects from the tsunami.