Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wow it's Thursday!!!

Geesh our time here is flying by now that LilBlu is here...I'm sooooo sad!

This morning MiB and I took our morning on the beach...lilblue slept in! I love the mornings best here!!

Main activity for today was surfing before the board was sold...which happened in less then 10 minutes with the help of Craigslist! Did I mention I LOVE Craigslist? Well I do! MiB bought a board here for cheaper then a rental and then turned around and sold it for only 25 bucks less then what he paid for it; he got to use a way cooler board then any rental for sure and enjoyed having another board even if only for a short period of time!


Before turning the board over to it's new owner LilBlue tried out surfing on Waikiki Beach at Queens... Hmmm let's just say she was no fan today and we will leave it at that! BUT she can say she surfed in Hawaii!
After the surfboard deal we headed to the pool since it was a windy day and no one wanted to be on the beach in sandstorm like conditions but we did want to enjoy the sun and warmth!

For our last dinner we gave LilBlue the honors is choosing and she choose the plate lunch from the steakshack! This was great with us cause we really like this joint! It was awesome and then we did a little last minute shopping before having fruity drinks with pineapple and umbrellas in them for a treat! A great last night enjoyed by all! I'm going to miss many things but others not so much!

Thursday Thoughts!
•Love the Kona coffee here!
•Dislike the's really AWFUL!
•Hale Koa snack bar rocks, seriously!
•Don't think I would want to live here...


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