Friday, June 8, 2012

Bowls of Fun!!

Last night we had a really fun time at the EMPTY BOWLS event. Soup was yummers. My fav was the potato leek, I think that is what MiB liked best as well. I also enjoyed the meatball, I did not try the shrimp bisque, I wanted to, I just couldn't get past the smell. There was also a sausage gumbo that I did not try, looked spicy! I did not have a roll, but have it on good authority they were superb! I can tell you that what appeared to be blueberry cheesecake was NOT :( and that the carrot cake was average . There was also a raspberry or strawberry layer cake that was okay. Yes, that is three desserts I tried...enough said.
Ms M with her dessert!

The silent auction was fun, we bid on several things, came home with none. However, we did win one of the fish bowl raffle tickets. We were going to do the wine pull, but in light of the fact that my BiL just beefed up our supply for us by stopping at Aldi  before he came this last visit we are really set on wine for many days to come :) It would have been fun, for $10 you pulled a wrapped bottle and you may get a bottle valued at $6-$80.

Wine pulled and ended up with $75/bottle of wine!!

A fun thing they let us do was to pick out an empty bowl to bring home...I really liked the ones I found! The little red one came with the raffle that we won!

Our bowls!
As they were doing the fish bowl raffle I was not feeling like we had a chance and the ones I had my eye on were already gone so when the Subway one was getting ready to be given away MiB says "this is ours" and it was! LOL He is a Subway fan for sure and it's definitely better then some of the other places he chooses for lunch so I know he will enjoy that gift card! Can't wait to try the marinade, roasted garlic chardonnay! Sounds wonderful.

Raffle winner!!!!

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