Monday, June 4, 2012

Ima gettin' my grout fixed...maybe!!!

I'm totally hyped to report that our flagpoles are re-fixed...I hope they hold this time. I wish I had a before picture but I don't! You can trust me on this, the holders were NOT put up well. I am really not sure they are this time either, but at least they are up again! They sure aren't pretty either with the pole all messed up, but again they are up again! We've been without our flag for well over a month!

While the flag fixer fellow was here he also wanted a look at the "caulking" needed in my master bathroom...I had a feeling he meant grout but I didn't say anything. I just took him up and let him see for himself. I also made sure he saw the hall bath as it has the same issue. Ohhhhhh, he told me he didn't have the right stuff to fix that with him. Yep, I thought as much. So, looks like the grout has to be ordered. 

Since I have been living with a sandy beach (grout disintegrating) in my bathroom since we moved in I guess a few more weeks won't hurt. I am taking a before shot on this though! It's a little unbelievable that the former occupants didn't report this for repair IMO. Then even more unreal that the "make ready" team who had several weeks before we moved over didn't have this repaired before we moved in. Then we reported it when we cleared our former house, still nothing happened. Finally MiB put in an electronic maintenance request a couple weeks ago and we are getting somewhere. Not fast but we are getting somewhere! Progress is good!

Hall Bath

 Grout is coming out.

Master Bath

 It is much worse in the master.

If you know anything about Barksdale you might be thinking but those homes are old, I mean historical, and you have to expect some deterioration, it's only natural for their age. But of course, however, I DO NOT live in the historical homes area, no siree, I live on the east side! That's where the new stuff is as many say. Yes, it's true I am in a newer home. Still it is my opinion that old or new we must do diligence in maintaining what we have and that means repairing and fixing as needed. It is also my opinion that they skimped on building these homes and they are now in that stage of realizing they should have put more money on the front side so you wouldn't have to put so much money on the backside.What I do know is we pay rent and for the amount we are paying we should not have a sandy floor in our bathroom...nor a crackly tub, but that's a different day. 

Suffice to say that the same reason the grout is cracking is the same reason I have a crackly tub. The builder did not use proper flooring materials. I suspect that if they ever decide to pull up the tile they will not find cement backerboard, which should be there. No I suspect the tile was laid right down on the sub-flooring. Which is not a good plan, hence the cracking of the grout...backerboard should have been affixed to the floor with a thin layer of thinset and then the tile should be laid on top of that. Yeah, my dad was a builder and a I did learn a thing or two along the way :) I also know what fascia boards are too; I know you are totally impressed now!

Enough, I gots to finish cleaning my house, girl's are coming over tonight,it's Moscato Monday!

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