Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up and Happy Father's Day :)

Took in a couple movies this weekend...which was nice! Been a little on the busy side so to be able to go sit in a movie theater and only have the phone ring once in each movie was awesome. I think MiB enjoyed yesterday's movie more but I thought today's was good!

In amongst the movie were a few other enjoyable events and then of course I would be remiss if I did not make mention of FATHER'S DAY! I have a wonderful, good father and I am married to an awesome, great father, I have the best of all worlds. It's an amazing adventure to parent, I am glad we have had this adventure, we have a terrific daughter :)

I am hoping for an early bedtime this evening. I have already prepared the requested meals of the day, we are now having some much needed downtime and I will make the requested sweet treat in just a bit. But right now I am relishing the chillaxin as we await the start of the BIG GAME! It's been a good day. As we are get ready to watch the THUNDER, and no we are not having bad weather, we are cheering for the OKC Thunder in the NBA finals. We have such a connection to OKC from LilBlue being born there to friends that are more like family living there and of course Uncle G still being there. We love our OKIE friends and we always enjoy every minute we get to spend in the Sooner state!


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