Friday, June 15, 2012

One of THOSE busy kinda days!

Let's recap the evening we had last night before we move on to today!

So last night we were honored to be able to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend...and sadly it was also a farewell; we will certainly miss her as she moves to FL to start a new adventure with Mr Bill! I know she has many, many happy days ahead! Congrats to both Miss H and Mr Bill :)


 Cutting the humongous cake! It had strawberry filling in some layers!
 They really did eat some cake!

Watching the staff taking apart that cake was quite a show; it leaned, they pried and lifted and it was a lot of work getting it apart but they did!

Now on to today, the very busy will it ever end day! Really it was just floating from one event to the other and it did end! It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of running and a few wardrobe changes!

 New OG

 New 96th and the triplets! OH MY :)

Neighbors retirement :(

 Diamond B at the LRS CoC

Unfortunately by the time we were at the last event this evening I had forgotten to snap a was the going away of GI moCjaM. Farewells are the most bittersweet, and this was no exception, but they are not going far so it was not so hard!

Night all it's been a busy, busy day!

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