Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

HOT, hot, HOT that's what we got here in LA! Plenty of hotness, triple digits this entire week, I am not a fan of heat as with heat comes humidity and with humidity comes bad hair days for Mrs Blue! Heat is NOT my friend!

However, with summer brings the farmer's market and while I have not made it to the big one downtown I did score some great melons at the supermarket. Price was awesome at .98c a piece! I took some in my lunch today :)

 My melons, I cut two, one was way better then the other, but both edible!

It's ALS graduation tonight, I have a BIG to do list so I need to motor, have a stellar day. Say a prayer for USAFA and surrounding area as the wild fires are still a HUGE concern. We still have many, many good friends there!

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