Sunday, June 10, 2012


Some things never change...or they change very little. That was the case this weekend. You see, back in the day MiB and his family were stationed here. This weekend MiBs parents are here and we took them all around BAFB and well, things have not really changed. We took them by where their house used to be, we even found the old work center. Also drove them by the elementary school that MiB went to and has some very vivid memories from.

Tried a new restaurant, since we had family in town...won't need to go again. Sad, seems to be the case for many of our food outings here. I don't mind; I prefer eating at home, I really do! But I enjoy a meal out once in a while, but I like a GOOD meal! We did had awesome grilled steaks, baked sweet potatoes, baked beans and wonderful good rolls and salad this evening, right here at home :) No doubt about it a great meal! I am excited about a new Chinese place I have heard about and we will be trying soon! I will keep you posted!

Our weekend has been fun, reminiscing and reliving the "ole days" here. We have been eating again way too much, ugh! Strawberry shortcake tonight! I know, I need to just say NO!

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