Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baked Kale Chips...YES, indeed

They may not be for everyone, but I liked 'em! 

I first saw them on another board I read and then I pinned them and finally I tried them.

I sort of followed the recipe but then I added to it my own twist in the second batch.
 My .84c batch of kale!

I washed up the kale, then ripped it up into bite size pieces.

I then followed the recipe I had found for the first batch...oiled it up a little with olive oil, used ground black pepper and sea salt then popped it in a slow oven. Turned them a few times during the cooking or more like rescattered them around to make sure they weren't sticking or getting too done on one side.

 All done and very yummy.

On my second batch I added balsamic vinegar and they were very tasty, I mixed the two batched together and they were totally awesome tasting. MiB enjoyed a few and so did his folks. Not something I want/need all the time but definitely a tasty alternative and yes they were crunchy, some more then others but there was a crunch to them! You can google it and come up with all kinds of other ideas and tips if you want to make these yourself!

Until next time :)

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