Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh yeah, it's Thursday! I am Whiteman AFB, MO.  I was here last summer on a Midwest visit as well and this time instead of giving me a visitor pass (which I thought was so stinkin' crazy, HELLO, I have a miitary ID), they "put me in the system" so now I feel all so special! I am officially in DBIDS, I officially don't have a clue what that means but the young Airman who scanned my left and right index fingers and took a urine sample and put me in "the system" seemed mighty I figure I might as well be too!

So since I drove up last night I got to have high speed internet and man did I feel like I was livin large! I was surfin' the net for a good portion of my evening while I watched, well, let's just say I tuned into something other then FOX news...

  • So thankful CC got me here!
  • This trip brought back MEMORIES!
  •  I'm praying today is productive in every way!
  • I've  had Mexican food three nights in a row :)
  • College students are sooooo young nowadays!

My college days home after a year in the dorms! I was in unit A the one on the far left!

I know I mentioned last year when I passed through the Burg that my college now has an over the road crosswalk. So yesterday as I was driving by I snapped these two pictures! They are not great, but I was driving ya know so they are what they are. Anyway I think it's really cool and I'm glad they finally did it cause I remember it being quite dicey somedays to get across there.

And speaking of college, our college girl is doing real good and I'm so excited I will see her before this day is over, whoot whoot! She will get to be here through Sunday afternoon. She was very excited yesterday when I talked with her because she finally got to meet with an academic adviser who could approve and plug in her transfer classes, she is much closer then she thought to being done. She is also taking summer classes this year to move even closer to that goal of being done! She's doing good and for that I'm soooo thankful, I just pray that her body continue to heal and recover from the crash last fall, she is still in treatment but we are hopeful she will continue improving and being back to where she was before this happened!

I gotta motor, the clinic awaits me...let's hope I am "CLEARED"

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Man in Blue (MiB) said...

Weren't those the days :) Back at college with little to do but go to class and work...