Thursday, April 7, 2011


Heavenly days I don't know where this week went...I felt like last week was dragging by and then today when I realized it IS Thursday I don't know what happened.

Over the weekend my dad and I did a little plumbing and that was a day I hope not to repeat. We thought we were in for just a little repair job. Five hours later, $100.00 at the home improvement store, lunch at DQ and we have a new kitchen faucet that puts out water so it's all good!

I have spent most of this week organizing pictures from HI. I just got an order back with some really great prints, there were so many things to photograph and we took A LOT of pictures and I still wish I would have taken more. I have another order coming later in the week and I am getting really to place another one today! I also got the prints back from the underwater camera and was not impressed at all, not sure if it was our photography skills or the camera but they are lousy.

It's baseball season here and while the first game I attended I nearly froze to death I am hoping for better weather for the future games. Tonight if the weather holds we will head to a tournament down South, should be fun and some great family time.

I know my time in this area is quickly drawing to a close and I feel like the moments have to be maximized so I am trying to fit many things's great but also forcing me to make hard choices as well! I think it's going to be an adjustment living away again, and it's looking like it will be far, far away....still unable to give more details on that but there is definitely action on where we will be going next, I will share as soon as we have something certain (which is really funny cause is anything ever certain with the USAF? I think not :) but we love the blue anyway!)

Okie dokey here's the thoughts flowing today!
  • Ready for flip flops!
  • Ready for warmer weather!
  • Ready for the farmer's market!
  • Not ready for summer, let's have Spring!
That's all I got for today, it's a busy one, I'm trying to wrap up 2003 in my cropping world, I have all pictures down, just need to journal it. I have every intention of  finishing 2010 prior to the end of the month. Hopefully, I finish getting it printed TODAY...cause I certainly need to the pictures before I can go much farther in that album. Then when I go to Crop at Katie's on the 30th I will be eady to start 2011. Of course I will have to make sure I have those pictures printed...hmmmm, I better get busy! I am so thrilled with the HUGE strides I have made in catching up on our albums, it's so fun to look through them and see all the neat things we have done! We are very blessed!

If you read this far you deserve a picture :)

At the Hale Koa Luau

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Good luck with that project:-)