Friday, April 22, 2011

Nearly over...

In about 8 weeks give or take a day or two this chapter of living 'happily homeless' will come to a close. I have some bittersweet thoughts and feelings swirling around in my brain. I find that much of life is bittersweet. I've had so much fun being with family! I have been able to see friends from years past, I've also made some terrific new friends! It's been an amazing time. I know had Lil Blue not been in that unfortunate crash I would have been out and about more, but I am most thankful for her safety. I'm so glad that I had the flexibility this year to be where I wanted when I wanted and even though I was in the Midwest a bit more then planned it's all good!

To date I have logged 14,486 miles in the air and I have traveled 13,925 miles by vehicle. I still have 8 weeks left!!!

Lil'Blue is here Life is Good!

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Man in Blue (MiB) said...

That's a LOT of miles!!!! I'm not sure if I have traveled that much and I'm half way around the world