Saturday, April 9, 2011


Let me start with  this whole “PROMenade” This was new to me and I will just start off with saying I don’t think it bad but I’m glad we didn’t do it when I was there. The Prom goers “arrive” and by arrive I mean they come in all manner of transportation. Some were in muscle cars and trucks, semis (minus the trailers), Hummers, Escalades, traditional limo’s, BIG stretch limos, Hummer limo’s, convertibles of all types from mustangs to VW bugs, new vehicles, not so new vehicles, daily drivers, once a year...if that rides, some that shouldn’t be driven at all, a dune buggy, a T-bucket, a Porsche, a BMW, corvettes, golf carts, a moped and even a red SMART were in the lineup. And I do mean lineup; as this whole arrival thing last over two hours. It was a warm day, these girls had to be melting in those dresses cause some of those modes of transportation did not have A/C!

My niece was privileged and VERY honored to be able to drive Uncle Jimmy’s Rumble Bee. You may not think this is a BIG DEAL but it was, oh trust me it was. Not only is it a very coolio truck, it is probably Uncle Jimmy’s most prized procession. This truck has never seen rain, snow, sleet or hail…obviously Uncle Jimmy is NOT a postman! LOL She arrived in style, all smiles and was thrilled to be able to have the use of UJ’s truck!

There are several things that were unique this year for NHS that gave me even more fodder for the whole “that’s certainly NOT the way it was" when we were there storyline! I mean can you believe that they bussed them on charter buses to Ft Scott for the Prom? Well, they did! Unreal, we had ours in the gym, we decorated for days to transform the gym into something magical! We ate our dinner in our school cafeteria and the underclassmen served us, it wasn’t grand but it was the way we did it. Now they eat on their own.

I guess change is good; it’s just not the way it was…

I hope they are all safe and everyone has a good time!!!!

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Susie said...

Wow! It really is a big to do:-)