Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baseball Season

I like baseball. I don't LOVE it, but I like it, I always enjoyed going to watch the KC Royals play when I was younger and I still remember taking LilBlue to her first Royals game, it was fun no matter if I traipsed up and down the stairs many times to change/feed her! However, I do not remember that the games seemed to go on forever. Maybe they do not. But my experience in the past couple weeks with high school baseball has been L O N G and what seems like at time never ending!

It's been great to see T play, he is a pretty good ball handler. I have watched him over the years in the summers when we have been back and able to catch a game or two or three or a tournament here and there. I have seen him mature as a ball player; of course not to the extent "the locals" have but I have certainly seen it! There is something to be said for sports and helping mold kids into more well rounded adults. I think that is very true. I know when I first saw him play I was a bit surprised, I mean he was a great kid but you put him on the field and if he "missed" a play or things didn't go quite right, well you better watch out this little guy could have major attitude/temper. In the high school playing I have not seen anything other then a great solid player who does try very hard. Yes, he has struck out, so did Babe Ruth, and he has missed some balls and plays, but all players do that and will in this sport. The difference I see is that he is learning to shake it off, keep going and try his best not to repeat that particular event again. THAT is the awesome part in my opinion, he's learning, he's maturing and he's being a team player! YEAH!

I would like to also mention that the weather for the games I have attended has been really crazy. The first game it was COLD and windy, I mean really cold, next game was really great weather, the way they should all be! The next one was warm, I got 'dewy' but it was not unbearble, just a bit warm and thankfully there was a great breeze and I had a nice cool diet coke with me :) Last night the weather was windy and a bit on the chilly side though not terrible. The second game I found myself in the comfort of the vehicle and still had a great view and I think I made a smart decision there! I just wish it would not have been a 9 hour odyssey. I knew the drive over was 1.5 hours but I was under the impression there was just one game, much to my chagrin there were two and again, 9 hours later we are rolling into the driveway after a double-header. They won, they actually smeared them. It was almost embarrassing.

So that is my baseball adventure to date, it is not over yet. There is another game Friday night, it is a home game so travel time will be in under 5 minutes! Hopefully, I will only be attending one game, we'll see. I hear there may be some pitching in his future, which is not a new talent just one that may start to be tapped for this team. I hope so, I think it would be good for everyone!


As far as a picture to accompany the post, well ya know how it is a fenced or screened in area for the protection of the spectators? Yeah, well that also means no decent photos...especially with a cell phone! Maybe another time!

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